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How many designs can I have per quote?

You may have one design to go on the product in each order. This can get you the best savings because different designs have different costs. This also acts as a measure of ensuring your order is correct and the correct design is on the proper item.

What are the image requirements?

We ask that you send us the highest resolution file you have for your design. Here are details for different customization.

Logos- .svg, .png (high resolution)

Picture (high resolution)- .jpg, .png, .pdf

Do I get to see proofs of my order before they are made?

Definitely! We will show you how your order will look to make sure you love your Jay Merch!

Where do I see my quote status?

You can see your quote and messages from our team in your  Jay Merch account.

What is the return policy for custom orders?

In most cases, there are no refunds or returns for custom items. The only exception is if we print an incorrect design or send the wrong item. Image quality is dependent on what is sent. We do our best to create designs that are good, so if we foresee any issues, we will reach out to you with recommendations. We try our very best to keep returns at a minimum. Please refer to out Return and Refund Policy for more details.